Monday, August 31, 2009

PICS ARE COMING SOON and the rest of whats going on with my family...

I am having Trouble getting pics off my camera so I have to finagle them a different way! Sooo with that being of my work are coming soon!

Well I figure since I have a blog I may as well put it to good use and tell ya'll about whats going on with my family besides nails.
Niyah is sick today and missed her first day of school :( She was so sad and was convinced her teacher was going to forget who she is! She is so funny :)
Zion was being Zion today. That's really all I can say about her haha
I have decided to double major. Why? I have no idea at all! So not only am I trying to finish one degree I just thought I would throw another one on there because it sounded like a good Idea at the time. I am now realizing that any free time I once had (which was limited) is now almost non existent! Between nails, work, school, kids, home, I guess my only escape is blogging (yay)!
Well that's us in a nutshell. How fun :)

I DO NAILS!!! :)

Hey everybody! I'm just starting this blog to build my clientele. I have been doing nails for about six months now and it is defiantly my passion! My prices are pretty reasonable right now as I am just starting out. I do Acrylic and Gel nails. I LOVE GLITTER TOES!!! I do Acrylic toes too :) I do flares an traditional. I also do manis and pedis (sooo relaxing)
So if you are interested call or txt me 801-458-5025. I am doing nails out of my house right now and I live in Layton! Lets do some nails :)